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Gwen Rudy L.Ac.

Hillary  D. Homer L.M.T.


Chinese medicine first influenced me at a very young age. As a life long runner, from competitive soccer to mountain trails, my experiences with injury are extensive. Early on I found acupuncture as a tool for recovery and prevention, receiving treatments at the Southwest Acupuncture College student clinic in Boulder. Naturally, as I experienced the abundance of benefits, I was drawn to the medicine.


In 2012 I moved to Leadville for the first time. My passion for trail running and outdoor recreation brought me to Colorado Mountain College and the surrounding peaks. The college allowed me to earn a degree and pursue my outdoor passions.


Eventually my experiences led me back to the Southwest Acupuncture College, but as a student. In August 2019, I earned a Masters of Acupuncture and a Masters of Chinese Herbal Medicine, becoming a nationally board-certified acupuncturist. The masters program consists of over 3,000 didactic and clinical hours over the course of four years. During the program I specialized in sports medicine and Japanese meridian therapy; taking in depth classes in orthopedic anatomy, sports medicine while treating in a variety of acupuncture student clinics. In my third year of studying, I had the opportunity to study in China at the Heilong Jiang University Hospital of Chinese medicine. Here I completed a program of study in a hospital specializing in neurological conditions and stroke recovery. I spent the four years of school studying under Ph.D, LAc. Jefferey Dann, learning Japanese meridian therapy; this included palpatory diagnosis, gentle techniques and superficial stimulation. 


With a new perception of healthcare and a deep fire for the mountains, I now get to return to Leadville. Through offering affordable and alternative medicine, I look forward to serving the community of Leadville.

After working in the medical industry for several years, I knew I needed to pursue a career that allowed me to follow my passion for working with and helping heal the human body. Soon After receiving my first massage, I knew it was the path I was to take. In 2006 I attended Oregon School of Massage focusing my studies on prenatal, labor & delivery, postpartum massage. After graduating I returned to the small town of Sitka, in Southeast Alaska, to open Fiddlehead Massage Retreat. Now, several years later and a few states south of Alaska, Nourish Day Spa has become a reality.

I have always been a busy bee, typically having 2-3 jobs at a time, plus having three children and being married to the best man on earth. Throughout my adult life I have enjoyed the opportunity to be an elementary swim coach, dental asst., chiropractor asst., substitute teacher, Campfire leader, volunteer EMT and fire fighter. I am excited to focus my energy and experience into Nourish Dy Spa

During my journey in life I have fallen in love with running, both trail and road. This new hobby has broadened my interest and education to the human body and all the effects of outdoor adventure has on it. Coming to a new understanding of the phrase "Your body is a temple, treat it as so." I value the importance of natural products and holistic treatments.

With the continued support of family, friends and fellow spa workers, I have been able to hone in my skills as a massage therapist and refine my treatment practices to offer years of expertise and a high quality experience. ~Hillary 

A lover of wild places and all the creatures living there, Tim Grantham was drawn, from an early  age to pursue experiences of both the outer and inner worlds.  

From birdwatching, fishing and hunting to primitive skills, survival and tracking and on to  practices like sweat lodge and vision quest, experiences were gathered over decades while  simultaneously becoming a licensed electrician, working, raising a family and maintaining a  home.  

In 2009 his wife of twenty years passed away after prolonged illness with debilitating disease. It was a major loss and a deep wound. 

It’s no coincidence that in the same time frame wildernessFusion, the NIASZIIHhealing school  was born. Tim was among the school’s earliest students and soon learned that the deepest  wounds reveal the greatest gifts.  

In the fire and ashes of that loss, all the experiences he’d gathered were forged together and a  healer began to emerge. Seven years of healing training at wildernessFusion, while  simultaneously learning to teach the skills followed.  

In learning how to help people heal, Tim found his calling. He became a certified  NIASZIIHhealer in March of 2018 and is an instructor in several classes at the school. 

In the fall of 2020, he closed his Massachusetts based electrical contracting business and  moved to Leadville in order to be close to his Lake County Ambulance Director son Jeremiah  and his family, and to focus on healing work as a primary profession. He has been working with  clients from across the country on Zoom since arriving and now a new door has opened  through an inspired meeting with the folks at Leadville Wellness Center. Tim will be seeing  clients for healing sessions at their office located at 130 W 5th St Suite 119 (the Post Office  building).  

You might also run into him cycling on the Mineral Belt, hiking trails near Twin Lakes, cross  country skiing at the golf course or playing ukulele at a local open mic.


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