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The Tabor Grand 

Nourish Spa is located in the historic Tabor Grand Building on Harrison Ave.  Nourish is proud to be on the main street of Leadville's happening downtown.

The 4 story Tabor Grand Building is has a rich history starting in 1883-1885.

The Tabor Grand Hotel was built over two years as the silver rush was booming and wealth was pouring into Leadville. Silver baron Horace W. Tabor established the hotel to create a destination for the town’s new elite. Furnished with the finest amenities of the time, the hotel featured steam heat, a passenger elevator, wine cellar, formal dining room, and a lobby floor inlaid with silver dollars.

Following the silver bust and the town’s gradual economic and demographic decline over many years, the hotel fell into disrepair in the late 1980s and was slated for demolition in order to create additional parking along Harrison Street. A passionate investor stepped in to finance much-needed renovations, only to have a heavy rainstorm collapse the northwest corner of the building, halting any progress.

In 1993, the then-vacant hotel was renovated to become 36 affordable housing units. The property was initially developed using the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program. Overland Property Group (OPG) purchased the building in 2014 and invested over $9 million into the project, including $6 million spent on construction. The project received the 14th Annual Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation in 2015. 

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