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Facials and Injection Therapy


Facial Treatment
Facial Treatment

Celestial Skin Co.

Mari at Celestial Skin will rejuvenate your skin with a variety of relaxation or medical facial treatments. 

Botox Treatment

Botox and Fillers

Dr. K is here to reduce the signs of aging and help create full luxurious lips. 

Not only for cosmetic uses, Botox can help with migraines and TMJ pain. 

Botox Treatment
Drug and Syringe

Injection Therapy

Muscle Injections Therapy:

Zeel- a homeopathic solution used for treating pain, inflammation and stiffness associated with arthrosis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatic join diseases. 

Traumeel- treatment of symptoms associated with inflammatory, exudative, and degenerative processes due to acute trauma ( such as contusions, lacerations, fractures, sprains, post operative wounds. 


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