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Exclusive Services Only Available at Nourish

Muscle Flush- This is what your body is craving post workout! With quick, brisk movements the lactic acid is flushed out of muscles preventing soreness. 

Acupuncture for Athletes- with a master's in Oriental Medicine and an ultra runner with a place on the National Skimo team- Gwen knows  what Athletes need. After an in-depth interview, Gwen will customize each treatment to individual athletes.

Injection Therapy- 2 injections for $150, 1 for $100, as an add on to treatment $ 65 each injection.

Vitamin C, B12, B6

Trauemeel - injuries, sprains, fractures, post operation, swelling post trauma, inflammation.  

Zeel- Arthritis, stiff joints, alternative to chronic nsaids. 

Hormeel- dysfunction in female cycle, endometriosis, regulate endocrine gland.

Infrared Light Therapy-  Working with the cells mitochondria, the ATP process is kicked into gear, accelerating cellular regeneration. Infrared Light decreases inflammation, and 

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